I read the news today, oh boy

Couple of my friends from Manchester Campaignsville in the MEN today: first Derin, promoting Oxfam’s Massive Blanket Tour (I can’t seem to find a link to this, the MEN website giving precedence to pictures of some half-naked rich twat), which will by the way be a fringe event in itself at Labour Conference, at Beluga restaurant in the city centre on September the 21st.

And then over the page there was a full-page advert for the Greater Manchester YES Campaign on the TIF proposals, featuring a comment from Ali Abbas of Friends of the Earth. Today (yesterday, now, actually. I should go to bed) was the launch day of the YES campaign, so looking forward to lots more media coverage of that soon.

Oh, and there was a very depressingly/hilariously badly-worded item on the letters page as pat of the ongoing back-and-forth about Gay Pride. “…they have to flaunt their gayness, which for some people find offensive, but for fear of being labelled homophobic cannot speak up…Why don’t they change their focus now and support other charities? Let’s…make it more child-centred by having a Shelter parade for the homeless or for Refuge, which supports violence towards women and men.” Much as I love the idea of a Homeless Pride parade (also the idea that homophobic housewives would be queuing up to take their grandchildren to go and wave homeless flags), I think she *might* just have missed something there. Also, that last sentence? Reproduced exactly. Brilliant. I’m never donating to Refuge again 😀


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