Grace Fletcher-Hackwood, advert critic and musical talent scout

I normally hate adverts, but when it’s advertising the HPV vaccine being given to schoolgirls you can’t really argue. I actually look forward to this advert coming on (like, compared to other adverts. You know, in between The Simpsons. I don’t, you know, stay in for it or anything) because of the music on it – YouTube says the song was written especially for the advert, but no-one seems to know who’s singing it. Does anyone know or am I going to have to text Jo Whiley?

It’s also interesting to compare the similar advert shown in the States, which, rather than being an informative ‘this vaccine will be given to you free at school’ pitch, is an out-and-out shill for the brand-name vaccine (“Gardasil Gardasil Gardasil!”). It’s a scary world out there beyond the NHS.

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