Vote blue, go greenwash

Like a lot of people I’ve been following the trial of the six Greenpeace activists being prosecuted for criminal damage after they climbed to the top of the smokestack at Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent, in October last year, to protest against, well, Kingsnorth coal-fired power station. So far, so green – building more coal-fired power stations is clearly absurd. But on day 4 of the trial, should the Conservative candidate for Richmond Park really have been allowed to use Greenpeace’s trial to score points against the government? I’m looking forward much more to reading about the testimony of the Inuit leader. And not just because his name sounds a bit like ‘Aqualung’. Or because he’s an Inuit.

In other green news, I was deeply ashamed of my own failure to squeak up in protest when two work colleagues snorted in derision at the news that Victoria Beckham is a vegetarian: “You not eating meat isn’t gonna save the world!” How much do I wish they’d said that after the IPCC Chair’s suggestion of eating less meat to combat climate change?

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