Walkden is where it’s all at…

If you’ve come to this blog via the link on Iain Lindley’s, then you will no doubt be familiar with the saga of St. George’s school. I tend to stay out of the argument over the school itself, out of a reluctance to get involved with any of Cllr Lindley’s pet projects, but was as pissed off as anyone else when Salford City Council decided to charge the kids of St. George’s £2500 (£1800 on a more detailed costing) to demonstrate against the school closure. I’d more or less forgotten about this until I was reading the Summer 2008 Liberty newsletter on the bus this morning, and spotted a reference to the issue in a feature about ‘obstacles faced by smaller demonstrations’. Although Liberty congratulates itself on having ‘stepped in to ensure the march could go ahead’, the last anyone heard was that the council was planning to deduct the costs from the school’s block grant. Given the popularity of the cause, I can’t help suspecting the school received enough donations to cover it…anyone know any different?


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